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Replacing Deadlines with Live Curves


We all sort of create our own personal space(s) - don't you think so?  Sure we do!  I personally love just going for it by following my creative instinct and bringing to life, little visions here and there, and........... I especially love helping others do the same.  I have experience in creating spaces that have deeply affected people and maybe I can be of service to you in a very tangible, efficient, and forward moving direction by helping with a project that allows you to realize a vision?


If you are wanting or needing a specific home/business space transforming project(s) realized with a creative approach, then simply discussing such a possibility wouldn't hurt now, would it?  And if you are interested in being directly involved with the entire process, then great!   I work in a different sort of a manner than perhaps you may be familiar with.  I'm very hands on and enjoy clients that not only want to experience the visionary aspects but who also want to get their hands dirtied up while trying to realize them. I utilize objects and materials in very creative ways by not only incorporating what you may already have existing, but by including reclaimed materials and found objects.  I can also help you in your busy day in ways that just may surprise you.  Oh, and we'll have a lot of fun!

My Pricing:  It depends.  We can agree to a price as an overall project or we can go by the hour in which case. Please contact me.

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