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Combing Cowlicks, not trying to straighten them


     Hello there, and thanks for taking some time here.

     If you're a young adult and you've been realizing that you're struggling to progress in certain ways that you know you're capable of doing, well....., I just may happen to be someone that could provide a little assistance at this time in your life.

     Of course the word 'struggling' can refer to so many things and your meaning will most likely be different from mine or from anyone else's for that matter.  However, what I've come to learn that isn't much different between those that I tend to do some work with is that most know that they have so much more to contribute, so much more of themselves to share and that something definitely needs to change from within in order for those things to happen. You know, just being able to come to that realization usually proves to be work enough!  Many people fall short of just that.

     Ok..... so how can I be of assistance to you?

     Well ..... for starters, we'll come to some sort of an agreement that we would be meeting to try and help you talk some things out.  This is not an easy thing to do, especially when speaking to a stranger,  but, I'm good at it!  I'm very comfortable in that role and the space in which I provide allows others to feel comfortable as well - comfortable to get some things out and off the mind.

So, what kind of space is it that I would be providing?

     Well ...., my little studio is a very organic experience without technological distractions, and my work doesn't usually possess many straight lines, so, it incorporates many gifts that mother nature offers me herself.

     As a result, we could easily find ourselves looking for pieces on beaches and in many other places.  Those whom I work with find that having conversations in more fluid and natural environments is much more comfortable, preferable and desirable.

     And I'll go right ahead and mention that my studio is located just off of Commercial Drive.  I'm always up for a good coffee or tea, sitting across the table from someone, perhaps like yourself,  with my ears focused on in.

     Ok, ...., what sorts of things would we be doing in the studio?

     Hmm, ...., this is circumstantial and will depend mostly on you, but for starters, we'll be listening to some good music - usually in full album form.  And in addition to agreeing on having a conversation of sorts, we'll also be agreeing to taking on a tangible art project together - a collaboration of sorts.

     I usually will suggest one of 3 options:

 - a beautiful handmade gift that will be given to someone that you know        who deserves a gift from you.  It's a really wonderful, therapeutic                  process.

- the creation of a functional stop sign sculpture with a laneway stop sign       project in mind.  This is a mental health awareness project.

- a public install - very likely a homeless awareness project.

     And what sort of things will we be talking about?

     Well ...., very basic stuff that we can get at right away.  Trust me, I've sailed many a rough waters and I'm good at sharing my past mistakes and experiences and helping others begin to become aware of some things earlier in their lives than I was able to.  I'm just talking some very down-to-the-root growth and awareness things.  

     It's very likely that, if we're meeting up, some of your relationships with those closest to you, are stressed and disconnected.  It's important for us all to have such essential relationships healthy in nature.  Believe me, I know that this is often easier said than done.

     So, it's been part of my role to act as a middle man oftentimes, between someone like yourself perhaps, and usually a parent(s).  It's another role that I'm very comfortable in doing and I've helped certain individuals very much so in their lives.

     And there's going to be times that we simply speak about healthy food habits, the importance of keeping our spine in proper alignment, money management and I'm sure, a myriad of many other things that you and I together will naturally deem important to explore.  Hey........ I'm trying to figure it all out myself as well - we all are!  

     The subject and process of creativity will very likely prove to be a strong foundation that enables us to really connect and to get some important work, worked on.  Creativity is a common theme that keeps reappearing in my sessions; it is a very challenging thing to explain actually, and also for many to recognize within themselves that they are indeed - creative people.  I often help to allow others to become aware that perhaps their future work just may lead them down a creative path or, if that's the path that they're already walking down, we go from there.

     Ok, ...... , if you are interested in speaking/doing a project with Cowlick Combs, where is it, you begin?

     Well, it's important to remember that I don't bite or come to you with judgement.  Please try to be relaxed, although I understand it isn't often easy for some.  

     You can either email, phone, or text me to initially connect and then we can schedule an in-person meetup at a location all your choice - on your turf.  And even better if I'm also able to speak with a support member of yours - most likely a parent(s). 

How much will the sessions cost?  >Please contact me.

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Profesor John Howes

A mentor of mine

Bill Wong, master tailor

A mentor of mine



A mentor of mine


Uncle Roger

A mentor of mine

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