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A little Dog Blog

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Hi there visitors.  I am sitting in my favourite chair (semi-reclined)

and just finished watching my wife groom our little puppy, Cha Cha.

She does it every night and I wonder why Cha Cha goes to her before she does me.  HaHa.  That's only one of the reasons, I reckon.  Cha Cha is my wife's 9th dog and my first.  I'm learning a lot and loving the wonderful experience.  I'm pretty certain that if you who's reading this, owns a dog, you would agree that the experience is indeed just that - wonderful.  My sister and her family just welcomed their own dog, Gus, into their home and she, like me, is having a first time experience.  She said to me over the phone (she lives in New Brunswick) the other day, "you just love them".  (referring to dogs) Je suis agree.

I was thinking the other day, as I was walking Cha Cha, about how large the divide seems to be in the U.S.A. between the political parties and how it seems that each is holding the other in contempt.

A thought came to me about dogs.  I simply pondered an obvious thing that both parties would agree on and most likely wouldn't find much difference - Dogs.  Hey, I betcha it wouldn't be a terrible place to start to break some ice and to get the polarized groups to begin to look at each other with some respect.   I'm kidding but not really.

We picked up our little Cockapoo, Cha Cha a couple of months ago now and before she arrived, I got busy in the Cowlick Combs Studio creating her new house and feeding tray.  Just a side note here:  My wife just returned for round 2 of grooming and some Canines are getting brushed.  Again, wonder Cha Cha runs between my legs to greet my wife first.

I actually received a lot of positive comments and got some really nice attention as I was doing these dog works.  I must say, it feels really beautiful to have Cha Cha hanging out in such a space.  We think that the house/crate adds a lovely energy to our place.  We feel the same about the eating and drinking sculpture.  I've always loved incorporating tiles and especially a la Mosaic, into my designs.  I remember where exactly it was when I became inspired by the use of tiles.  I was working on an independent film project in Oaxaca, Mexico and the tile work and colours all around, simply jolted through me like a lightning bolt.  It's been with me ever since and I do hope that I'm able to return to that area and experience the beauty as an older traveler with much more focused eyes, ears, nostrils, tastes and thoughts.

So visitor,  maybe you'd be interested in a new home or feeding/drinking tray for your beloved pooch and maybe just interested in such, via the style that comes out of the Cowlick Combs Studio.

The possibilities are what we could refer to as, 'endless'.

Thanks for reading and spending some time with me as per always,

Jamie Comeau

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