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Vancouver, BC


Welcome to Cowlick Combs.  Thanks for stopping by.  It's much appreciated.


Cowlick Combs is the name I came up with (with the help of a friend) that I oftentimes use to describe my work.  


A cowlick grows in its own way, usually against the grain; it just can't help it but to grow in it's natural direction.  I think that Cowlicks can be beautifully Combed - they need not be straightened, just combed.  


My sculpture work and my work with space usually begins with a piece, or many pieces for that matter, that I come across in numerous ways and it's usually nature and her influence that is the provider of such precious gifts!


So, a major component of my work is when I am out and about, either on the lookout or whilst collecting my materials - a form of Combing have you.  I can refer to such pieces as my Combs. 

Another very important aspect of my work is in assisting a certain group of young adults to break and tear away their old artificial being and to help prepare them as they begin to see and experience what happens next!  I help them learn to comb their cowlicks, not try to straighten them. 


Now, how can all this translate into a possible connection/collaboration between us?


Well, I offer a very personal, creative and hands on service in the transformation of both personal and business spaces.  So, if you're interested in bringing to life a vision(s) and you're wanting to get your hands active while doing it, I just may be a comfortable fit for you.

Or, I just may be a comfortable fit for you or for someone that you care for, in a mentoring type of role, as I work and collaborate with young adults on the creation of tangible art projects coupled with an important dialogue that they're looking for.

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